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Justice should look like Love in the end.

October 27, 2012

Justice is the first virtue of social institution as truth is of systems of thought. – John Rawls

Justice is the essence of equality and therefore represents not absolute perfection but the attempt by man to make a balance to actions that unbalanced an institution or individual(s). Truth is not therefore the parallel to draw from justice since truth is in a way only one aspect of justice, there is also the wrong and the wronged, justice can only be found between the two limits of justice. So the opposing end to truth would be untruth, and just as between wrong and wronged is justice so Love is between truth and untruth. So I submit this edit for dialogue; Justice is the first virtue of social institution as Love is of systems of thought.

If love is not at the center of all we think and therefore say and or do all our dealings will not be balanced. You must train your mind to first seek balance in all your life hence forward, it will be only as much work as you put into thinking first into either truth or untruth, and as your capacity for love grows you will have more than enough strength to change things that you do that only bring suffering to yourself and also through others to yourself. Suffering will still occur, it will never truly end ever, but we as humans can and should do our part to decrease how much suffering we bring into the world, and increase how much love we bring into the world.


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  1. Alex Jones permalink

    Before the invention of laws and justice systems the default was retribution and revenge. Justice took the power of retribution away from the individual with the promise of fairness according to a code and reformation of the convict. Sadly many justice systems (USA especially) prefer retribution for justice, which raises questions of why they bother to have a justice system.

    • All countries/societies need a justice system to maintain their control over the mewling masses that caters to their most basic of instincts. By catering to them they lull most into thinking they’re getting what they want, so they let themselves be “taken care of” since they’re getting a primal need scratched. Which is fine if you’re unaware of it, but once you become aware that your countries “justice” is not your justice, it’s tough not to walk around in a constant state of outrage. I won’t lie to you, I did for a while.

      • Alex Jones permalink

        I agree with all you say. “Justice” also is a way of allowing the ruler to control the “masses”. Take for example the UK, the laws are so complex that it needs a lawyer to understand them, and lawyers cost money. The ruler is usually rich and thus can afford the lawyers, but the masses are poor and are unable to afford such people. Money then becomes the basis of how justice is delivered, and since only the rich can afford it they get to call all the shots. The Justice system by default is corrupted and worthless to the majority.

      • It’s funny that you should bring up money; when I was writing my first reply I had a whole bit in there about money and settlements involving money and lawsuits involving money, and how introducing money into the justice system bastardizes the whole thing into… What we have I guess.

  2. Alex Jones permalink

    Money being the root of all evil takes a sinister form in so many ways in modern society; justice based on money is one of its corruptive influences.

    • I have some thoughts on the root of evil that I was working on today as a matter of fact, maybe I’ll share that tomorrow.

      • Alex Jones permalink

        I look forward to reading that.

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