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Ultimate Evil

October 27, 2012

It’s interesting this action of saying to someone, “I will do this specific thing for people to read…” it kind of blows my mind how willing I am to start and complete the task to a high personal standard, compared to how willing I was to write something in school that could be a piece of shit and still pass because it’s technically put together.

I was conversing with the first person to ever acknowledge my ideas, (who didn’t already know me) and to have him ask even in a small way for more was amazing. Now me being me I can in my mind now imagine what it would be like for that incredible feeling to multiply even once, and it’s a little overwhelming. Like Alice said, though once she was already in the Rabbit Hole, “curiouser and curiouser… “And so I continue.

Ultimate Evil;

Or the root of all evil is another way of saying it, but having a snazzy title really grabs the eyes. The really neat thing is that the first sentence is an example of what I am talking about, and that is justification of an action that gets me potentially more attention. The real reason I chose that title is irrelevant, if someone wants to know, I would gladly tell them, and (I even think it’s a little funny) that would be that. There is no good reason in my opinion to give any opinion unbidden to someone, on the off chance it screws with them somehow (rant over, back to the story now…). The feeling of greed even in its harmless beginning’s, is the root of all evil. Money is just one symptom that other people suffering from the same symptoms of greed happen to notice most often. I used to, so I know how it feels when all you do all the time it seems like is want more stuff, even if the stuff is money so that you could be a little more comfortable, still greed, but at a very easily handled stage. You see a little greed is okay, it helps us look out for ourselves. However if and/or when our greed could cause suffering we should in my opinion check it, and think about it and the magnitude of consequences it could reap. Change is good if one is looking for it, forcing change on someone who is not ready is sometimes cruel sometimes necessary and it takes wisdom to know which is which, I admit without shame I fail sometimes, I think everyone does, but not everyone learns from it.

As soon as light existed darkness was there too, not coming with but coming after as if it were only a moment behind, both existing at the same time but one comes from farther away. We have always known light first, what is the big bang essentially besides a burst of light where no light existed before, and what is light ultimately but essential to existence and then later eventually after many millennia life. When it comes to understanding these multiverses we are only just barely becoming aware, like an embryo becoming alive, where all that existed before was a collection of grains of mater smartly organized by chemicals, which is just another form of matter.

I think it is very appropriate that a blog post with this title is ultimately about life.


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