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One thing about me I’m trying to change

October 29, 2012

The one thing about me that I do not understand right now, is how I make snap judgements about people without all the relevant information, which is most likely none of my business. Particularly when it comes to thinking that what someone is saying is dumb, or not worth my time. It’s not a trait I’m proud of, because I don’t think it’s serving me well as a person in the 21st century. I doubt that any kind of external talk therapy will help, this feels like something I’m going to have to face one on one, with meditation and reflection.


  1. Alex Jones permalink

    Often we blind ourselves to what people really are by our own prejudices or a desire of what we would like them to be.

    • Yes, that is very true and coming from a community where that sort of thing was going on all the time, it does not surprise me that I’m still doing it… for now.

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