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On George Lucas and Disney

October 31, 2012

So I have a blog now and I have a place to put these thoughts;

First off I am not saying any of this to be mean or in any way negative, it’s just my opinion and I have a strong though not completely negative feelings about this; First, do NOT say “have Justin Bieber make appearances…” at this point that talk is still not funny I think, to most people, because Star Wars has a history (though under different management) of throwing in tacky/cutesy things and having them be successful in certain crowds. Yes I’m talking about the Jar Jar Binks lovers, and the Ewok lovers, and the prequel C3-P0 lovers, they happened and a bunch of people with unhealthy traits in their senses of humor and appropriateness. But maybe if Disney did it would be classier, who knows. Second, does anyone know the details of the deal? Are there artistic clauses? Will Darth Lucas have a final say on what goes on? Could he not have just outsourced the building of the third Death Star to Disney? Is he working on something more evil than a Death Star that needs more of his attention? I just think we need to ask these questions before we judge the sale of LucasArts to Disney.

One Comment
  1. Alex Jones permalink

    People will judge Disney with their money. If the deal sucks to them they won’t buy into it.

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