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November 1, 2012

Somewhere in my mind I’m standing on the edge of a catastrophic event waiting for the time to run out because there is nothing more I can do, with my eyes closed just in case it all blows up around me despite my best efforts.

I’m pulling back on the stick hopping that if any supreme being cares for me that he will make me safe in an unsafe situation.

We, who are aware of the profits of love and peace, hope that those prophets of death and war were talking about something else.

I’m holding my breath because I am uncertain what the next breath will hold, change has come and demands attention, those who accept it will continue because acceptance is life, and ignorance is death.

Don’t let the fools distract overmuch; this is our time of doom. Where we will rise or where, like a life bloated with complacency we disappear and are forgotten as a mistake should be.

The coin is in the air, let it fall or take charge, the time to act is before the reveal and chance becomes reality… with the strength of a universe to back it up.

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