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27 Questions

November 4, 2012

I need 27 questions in groups like these three;

1.) What sort of physical material do you prefer to have around you?
2.) Do you believe in infinity, as in no beginning or end?
3.) which of the previous two answers would you rather spend time with?

Also feel free and encouraged to answer any of the questions posted.



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  1. Alex Jones permalink

    1. What is time to you?
    2. What is space to you?
    3. If you drew time and space on paper, what would it look like?

    • For me, Time is just a label like a name. It doesn’t really mean anything except to people it means something to. To me space is a canvas for imagination, since it will ever only be as big as our biggest imaginations allow it to be. To actually draw something on a piece of paper that represents as close to infinity as anything that we know exists, one of three options depending on my mood, 1, A mobius strip, a yin yang, or just a dot, because what we experience as space and time is only a very small part of what is going on.

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