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The set up

November 21, 2012

My day started like any other day where I needed to be out of the house and on the road by 9:30AM. I spent the first two hours shopping for the rest of my months food, a new experience for me, as I was shopping only for me. The last half hour at that store was spent looking like I do outside watching the people of the town about their day.
The next stop on my days journey was a small coffee shop. Where I not only found some amazing varieties of wine and tea, but also a kind of “open arms” vibe I’ve only ever dreamt of for my own various shop ideas… It was like I walked into a liberal version of a Norman Rockwell painting.
Next stop was a Crystal Shop. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I love looking at, and talking about crystals, which I did with the shop keeper, I will be going back there to obtain neat things.
Next stop was an art gallery, where I was able to sit down and chat with one of the painters about life the universe and everything, before I sat down with a man from Hong Kong and learned of ancient Chinese music while he played the instruments and told me much about them, and some of the origami pieces he had in the gallery. When eventually he and I wandered into the back room where a spirited game of Mahjong was unfolding.
Next stop was a pub that I got lost finding; but was delighted to find and enter since it was where I met a friend who I had not seen in 15-16 years. We soon began talking like we had never been apart, and then I helped (in my way) her and her really amazing friends come in second in a game of trivia.
I have never encountered a day where awesome greeted me around every corner, and then took a second to teach me of itself.
I don’t even know how to say how I feel after such a day… Good doesn’t seem to capture the warmth of my heart after being touched over and over. Great doesn’t have the punch in the gut I got every time I realized this is my life now. I loved my day so much that if I could have I would have taken my day home with me and cuddled with it all night.

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