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Grow Up! We aren’t Cave-people anymore!

May 10, 2013

We are not Cavemen anymore


5,000 years ago, people with a language started sharing information, and so recorded history began. Today instantaneous pan-global and inter-space communication takes place every day, it is common place. Is that not a benchmark? Should we not be shaking each other’s hands and laughing about how bright the future looks? Well as it turns out, no… We still need to conquer one more human need before we can move on to bigger things. We need to conquer our fear of the unknown, and one way to do that on a global scale is to take money from all military budgets and pump it all into education. Another way is that we could all teach one subject on the internet for free to anyone who asks. A third way could be everyone on the whole plant grow up and realize that all their wars and greed won’t count for shit if we keep killing each other and the planet. Grow Up! We aren’t Cave-people anymore!

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