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The set up

My day started like any other day where I needed to be out of the house and on the road by 9:30AM. I spent the first two hours shopping for the rest of my months food, a new experience for me, as I was shopping only for me. The last half hour at that store was spent looking like I do outside watching the people of the town about their day.
The next stop on my days journey was a small coffee shop. Where I not only found some amazing varieties of wine and tea, but also a kind of “open arms” vibe I’ve only ever dreamt of for my own various shop ideas… It was like I walked into a liberal version of a Norman Rockwell painting.
Next stop was a Crystal Shop. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I love looking at, and talking about crystals, which I did with the shop keeper, I will be going back there to obtain neat things.
Next stop was an art gallery, where I was able to sit down and chat with one of the painters about life the universe and everything, before I sat down with a man from Hong Kong and learned of ancient Chinese music while he played the instruments and told me much about them, and some of the origami pieces he had in the gallery. When eventually he and I wandered into the back room where a spirited game of Mahjong was unfolding.
Next stop was a pub that I got lost finding; but was delighted to find and enter since it was where I met a friend who I had not seen in 15-16 years. We soon began talking like we had never been apart, and then I helped (in my way) her and her really amazing friends come in second in a game of trivia.
I have never encountered a day where awesome greeted me around every corner, and then took a second to teach me of itself.
I don’t even know how to say how I feel after such a day… Good doesn’t seem to capture the warmth of my heart after being touched over and over. Great doesn’t have the punch in the gut I got every time I realized this is my life now. I loved my day so much that if I could have I would have taken my day home with me and cuddled with it all night.


The Beginning

Here this is for everyone,


The End

Right now the weight of looming homelessness is almost too much to bear up against, I’ve already thought of taking myself out two or three times in the past two days. I thought I had been a good enough friend, bending over backwards for people, but it seems now that it wasn’t enough. When I came right out and said, if you ever want to help me out, now is the time… nothing but irritation and advice like “go work your ass off at a job…” directed at me for bothering them with something as unpleasant as my current situation. I have not been living on disability for 4 years because it was easy, I have no choice.

So there it is; it seems that weather you are kind or cruel in this world when you really need to count on someone all you have is yourself. I know I will not survive as a vagrant for a long time, the only question I have left right now is whether I want to see how long I can suffer…

Art that I do

I am a very creative person, but few people appreciate the things I do like I do. However I have made this, using music I played with a friend, and pictures I have picked up in my travels across the internet. In some ways if you watch this you could understand in a limited way what goes on in my head. So here is, “Good Seasons”.

27 Questions

I need 27 questions in groups like these three;

1.) What sort of physical material do you prefer to have around you?
2.) Do you believe in infinity, as in no beginning or end?
3.) which of the previous two answers would you rather spend time with?

Also feel free and encouraged to answer any of the questions posted.



Somewhere in my mind I’m standing on the edge of a catastrophic event waiting for the time to run out because there is nothing more I can do, with my eyes closed just in case it all blows up around me despite my best efforts.

I’m pulling back on the stick hopping that if any supreme being cares for me that he will make me safe in an unsafe situation.

We, who are aware of the profits of love and peace, hope that those prophets of death and war were talking about something else.

I’m holding my breath because I am uncertain what the next breath will hold, change has come and demands attention, those who accept it will continue because acceptance is life, and ignorance is death.

Don’t let the fools distract overmuch; this is our time of doom. Where we will rise or where, like a life bloated with complacency we disappear and are forgotten as a mistake should be.

The coin is in the air, let it fall or take charge, the time to act is before the reveal and chance becomes reality… with the strength of a universe to back it up.

On George Lucas and Disney

So I have a blog now and I have a place to put these thoughts;

First off I am not saying any of this to be mean or in any way negative, it’s just my opinion and I have a strong though not completely negative feelings about this; First, do NOT say “have Justin Bieber make appearances…” at this point that talk is still not funny I think, to most people, because Star Wars has a history (though under different management) of throwing in tacky/cutesy things and having them be successful in certain crowds. Yes I’m talking about the Jar Jar Binks lovers, and the Ewok lovers, and the prequel C3-P0 lovers, they happened and a bunch of people with unhealthy traits in their senses of humor and appropriateness. But maybe if Disney did it would be classier, who knows. Second, does anyone know the details of the deal? Are there artistic clauses? Will Darth Lucas have a final say on what goes on? Could he not have just outsourced the building of the third Death Star to Disney? Is he working on something more evil than a Death Star that needs more of his attention? I just think we need to ask these questions before we judge the sale of LucasArts to Disney.