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The End

November 11, 2012

Right now the weight of looming homelessness is almost too much to bear up against, I’ve already thought of taking myself out two or three times in the past two days. I thought I had been a good enough friend, bending over backwards for people, but it seems now that it wasn’t enough. When I came right out and said, if you ever want to help me out, now is the time… nothing but irritation and advice like “go work your ass off at a job…” directed at me for bothering them with something as unpleasant as my current situation. I have not been living on disability for 4 years because it was easy, I have no choice.

So there it is; it seems that weather you are kind or cruel in this world when you really need to count on someone all you have is yourself. I know I will not survive as a vagrant for a long time, the only question I have left right now is whether I want to see how long I can suffer…

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  1. NOTE: I am feeling much better today.

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