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The Mortality of These United States of America

February 27, 2013

Eleven score and 17 years ago men and women we have little in common with, brought forth upon this continent, a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that “all men are created equal”.

The birth pangs of this country and its growth has cost humanity much blood, but for all of it the advancements made in human liberties, science, engineering and even art were something that we could be proud of, and still can be proud of.

However, just as a child changes over time from its birth so too has this country changed. I will not say it has changed for good or ill, but changed it has, this cannot be denied. The laws and morality from our youth as a nation need scrutinizing.

It should not be done by elected officials, whose priority is to stay in office as long as possible, it is the citizens of this nation who need to see and understand the household they have been born into. Not as lawyers, or politicians but as citizens whose lives are affected by the long winded bumptiousness of the majority of congress at this time.

“…No taxation without representation…” Was one of the principle’s this country was founded on, we need to consistently ask ourselves if we feel represented in our government, anything else is not democracy.

Many great civilizations have risen and fallen some without leaving a record of why or how they fell. With communications technology at an unprecedented level today instant communication is possible around this entire planet, and everyone must become aware that in some respects the world has gotten smaller in our minds because of it. To be able to simply sit in our homes or local library and touch anyone in the world who puts themselves near us in cyberspace is a humbling experience.

It is not 1776 anymore, and it is high time for this country to grow up and mature into what I know it is capable of being, not leading the world at anything necessarily but being a participating positive influence in the world community.

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