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October 28, 2012


So this morning I woke from a lucid dream that I was only barely controlling. This is the setting; me age now, and all the smartest people I have ever known, or known of, in a classroom setting, being taught by Tommy Chong. But the thing is Tommy Chong was being a hard ass on a level I’m not actually sure he’s capable of anymore. Somehow the subject of Mr. Chong smacking one of the students hands comes up, and I go in to Iron Curtain defense mode, telling my fellow students that if Tommy fucking Chong thinks it will help, then leave it alone, or something much like that, you know how dreams are. And then we all went out in fire trucks to rescue people trapped in a subway after an earthquake. I woke up working on rescuing someone.

Now I’m not actually thinking I can get any new information from this dream, but it does display a hierarchy of importance that does exist in my mind, even during waking hours. Listen to Tommy Chong, tell everyone to calm down and learn, and then go looking for trapped people who need help.


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  1. Alex Jones permalink

    Lucid dreaming I would like to do even if I have only slight control.

    • For me the real trick was going months without restful sleep. Then I started tricking my brain by daydreaming at night, until I fell asleep then it just sort of happened, I woke myself up a bunch and still do due to thinking about what I’m doing, but once in a while I nail it.

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